The Tuckman Shirt Lock Lux Edition



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About The Product

  • MADE IN THE USA - We proudly manufacture our shirt stays in USA.

Use Shirt Stays

  • TWO-SIDED SILICONE GRIP-STRIP - This belt-style shirt stay won't slip, thanks the non-slip silicone strip that is present on BOTH sides of the belt.
  • GREAT WITH SHORTS OR SKIRTS - The Select Series Tuck-It Belt is a great option to use when wearing shorts or skirts in that it does not attach to your lower legs and thus won't show when dressed for warmer weather.

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  • COMFORTABLE - This is the most comfortable shirt stay you'll find, and you'll quickly forget you are even wearing it.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - Made by the leader in the shirt stay market, Shirt Stay Plus. Also try our Y-Style, Stirrup-Style, Garter-Style and Original (Straight) Style shirt stays!

For Law Enforcement Officers and Active Military, it's crucial that you don't have to think about your shirt becoming untucked, so you can think about the task at hand. You need the consistency and reassurance that your shirt will stay tucked in and in place throughout the day. This same principle goes for the office worker as well, who is looking to make a great impression during an important meeting or is going to a special event and needs to look extra sharp.

Tuckman Originals are designed to keep your shirt tucked in, to be worn daily and withstand washing. Our shirt stays are made with a durable elastic strap, an adjustable buckle, and metal clip with nylon teeth. The elastic strap is comfortable and feels better on your legs. The adjustable buckle ensures that once adjusted it will not readjust. The metal clip, firmly grips on to your shirt and socks to keep your shirt tucked in and looking good. Metal clasps with nylon teeth firmly grip your shirts all day without damaging them.

There Are A Ton Of Reasons Why These Are The BEST Shirt Stays On The Market. Here Are Just A Few: 

  • They Are Extremely Durable and They DO NOT Snap Off Or Come Undone
  • Tested By Military And Law Enforcement Officials
  • Are Made With Advanced Industry Material
  • Made In The USA
  • You WILL Definitely Get Your Money’s Worth
  • Once Adjusted, They WILL NOT Re-Adjust