The Plastic Snapper



About The Product

  • A COMPLETE SET: Our sophisticated snap fastener kit includes a set of snaps pliers and 360 pcs of T5 snap buttons. Each snap has a male and a female button and 24 colours in total with each colour having 15 sets of buttons. Order Yours!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: For perfect functionality, our snap buttons are made of top grade eco-friendly resin that is bright, tough and durable. The snap fastener pliers are made with high-quality aluminum. Suitable for women, professional or novice tailors.
  • PERFECT FOR MULTI-USE: Use these handy plastic snaps for your jumpsuits, nappies, bathtubs, towels, kid’s clothing, quilt covers, curtains, raincoats, umbrellas, folders, crafts, etc. Get yours and make custom baby clothing and show your maternal love!
  • EASY TO INSTALL, AWESOME RESULTS: Simply put a buckle and male button and press with your babyville snap pliers. Repeat for the female button. You will hear a pop sound when the snap fasteners this signals the installation process is complete.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Because we value you, you can replace or return your plastic snaps and tool within 30 days if you are not satisfied. Contact our dedicated customer support team to consult about our snap set.

Product Features


Step 1

Use Awl to place a hole in the place where you want to install buttons.


Step 2

Press buttons on holes with snap buttons.


Step 3

Repeat step two operation.