New 2019 Eye Roller Liquid Liner



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Why You Need The Eyeliner Wheel :

The world’s first roll-on eyeliner tool that delivers precise looks unlike any pencil! 

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• Use the wheel tip to glide eyeliner along lid, use the brush on the opposite side to fill in any gaps
• Gentle on skin - no tugging necessary
• Great for beginners, makeup experts and everyone in between (especially those with shaky hands!)
• Comes with easy-to-use instructions
• Use our Eyeliner Wheel with any cushion ink eyeliner pot

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How to Use The Eyeliner Wheel :

For best results, dip and roll the wheel in our Double Decker cushion ink liner (coming soon!) or another liner of your choice, to coat the outer rim. Using your lash line as a guide, place the wheel closer to the outer edge and roll out to create an extended flick. Keeping the wheel in place without lifting from the skin, gently rock it back towards the lash line and then roll to your inner eye. Flip to the angled brush on the opposite end for an optional way to soften, perfect, and set.