Carry On Secure Lux Edition™



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About The Product

  • Carry more with less effort. Carry On Secure Lux Edition™ allows two items to move as one.
  • Great for use with polycarbonate/hard-sided suitcases
  • Attaches easily to handle system of wheeled luggage and works on single pole or double pole telescoping handles
  • Secures a 2nd bag, coat or other item
  • ✈️ EASY STORAGE AND CLEANING - Super lightweight and Saves on space, Providing a hassle free traveling experience. With a sleek build and stores virtually anywhere. and Cleans easily with water and cloth and its machine washable.
  • ✈️ ULTRA DURABLE - Features solid stitching and quality microfiber and nylon material, and heavy duty luggage strap, Secure quick release buckle closure ensures security, The belt can be adjustable, and tied rope full of flexibility, Gentle stretch, Will not let you bag deformation.
  • ✈️ INTIMATE DESIGN - The Carry On Secure Lux Edition™ is adjustable and elastic strap, So it stretches easily around larger bags or you can tighten it to keep your hand luggage to be strapped securely to the handles of your wheeled suitcase, Without twisting or slipping.
  • ✈️ EIFFCIENT AND STABLE - The Carry On Secure Lux Edition™ have two cords and the structural pieces that cross perpendicular to the cords, The whole bundle is a lot more stable, and giving you more maneuvering space and lets you move around with the utmost confidence.
  • ✈️ MAKE TRAVEL EASY - Carry On Secure Lux Edition™ allows you to secure a second bag, Coat, Suitcase or box to your carry on or wheeled luggage, Deal for lady bags or boxes of makeup, Allowing you to Super lightweight with a sleek build and stack extra baggage securely.

1) Girdle design, Adjust the length according to demand.

2) Buckle design, Easy bag bungee, Fixed more secure.

3) The intermediate barrier can be moved and adjust the position as needed.

4) Small size, Convenient storage, Easy to use.

5) The bag is flexible and can bind more items.

6) Solid, Save time, Save energy, Liberate your hands.

7) Crafted with high quality Nylon microfiber, Compression, Super strong.